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Be a hero for burn survivors in Nepal. Your support can provide crucial medical treatment and hope for those in need. Join us in making a difference. Thank you for being a hero for burn victims in Nepal.


Burns Rehabilitation incorporates the physical, psychological and social aspects of care

Medical Support

Provided to patients from vulnerable backgrounds, this program is aimed at minimizing the risk


BVS-Nepal provides counselling sessions to assist the patient and family 

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We have been able to help more than 8500 burns victims.

Burn Violence Survivors – Nepal, established in 2008, is one of the few organizations working specifically on prevention, protection, advocacy, curative and long-term recovery and rehabilitation of burns survivors. BVS-Nepal helps and supports survivors of burns accidents and violence, such as attempted homicide attacks, normally using kerosene or acid and cases of self-immolation and attempted suicide, often stemming from domestic violence. We have been able to help more than 8500 burns victims, till date, through medical and surgical, counseling, nutrition and physiotherapy since the inception of the organization. BVS-Nepal has successfully provided life skills and vocational trainings to thirty female burns violence survivors, to enable them to start a new life.



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Medical Support
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Counseling and physiotherapy services

We express our gratitude to Barbara Datson and Chance for Nepal, UK for their continued support with counseling and physiotherapy services at Kanti Children’s Hospital

Treatment of burn patients

Thank you Dr. Katrin Hagen, the President of Med-solution Foundation, Switzerland for your continued and generous support for the treatment of the burn patients.

Clothes and medical supply donation

On 30 November 2022, Libby Chandler, and David Penna visited at our Office. They donated baby clothes and some medical supplies for the needy burn survivors. 


Meet Our Team


Kohinoor Dahal

Executive Director

Pratiksha Giri

Legal Officer

Alisha Khadka

admin & finance coordinator

Jun Kumar Mahat

Senior Field Officer

Indra Kumari Thing

Office Assistant

Indira Kumari Maharjan Khumal

Reintegration Officer

Bibek Khadka


Message from pioneers

Ms. Kohinoor Dahal


I am privileged to be a part of BVS Nepal, as the President of its Executive Committee for 2018 – 2020. Be it through medical and surgical support, nutrition program, counseling, physiotherapy or through advocacy for the rights of burn/acid survivors, BVS Nepal has been working at all levels from ground to government, to strengthen the capacity of the each individual as well as the government to prevent and control burn as a form of violence. Together with us many survivors are involved individually or collectively in raising their voices in communities, spreading love & awareness, and advocating to improve access to services and getting recognition and dignity.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution, support and commitment of my founder advisors, colleagues in the board, the wonderful office team and everybody involved in this cause.

Together with us many survivors are involved individually or collectively in raising their voices in communities

We have prepared ourselves to be more organized through continuous learning and strengthened our programs

Ms. Pratiksha Giri

Executive Director

BVS Nepal and myself, as a part of this pioneering organization, have always been in a journey of transition and preparation for the future. We have prepared ourselves to be more organized through continuous learning and strengthened our programs through partnership with various government and non-government organizations in the national, regional and global level.

I would like to pay my respect and gratitude to the board members, our committed colleagues, beloved survivors, implementation & development partners and all our supporters for their generous contribution to our activities. Without all of your support, we would not be there today.


Our Supporters Voice

My husband had burnt me, I did not have my citizenship and it was a tough time recovering from my injuries - physical and mental. BVS-Nepal fought the fight with me and also helped me get my identity. I am thankful that BVS-Nepal supported me. I do not want any other woman to suffer like I did. I just want to highlight here that it is important to be aware of these incidents and stay safe.

Anjali Shrestha Burn Survivor

Burn treatment is a complex process. It requires a good balance of medical treatment, counselling, nutrition and physiotherapy. In absence of adequate services of such kind in the government facilities, BVS-Nepal has been a great help to the patients and their family. The work being done is commendable.

Bibek Ghimire Physiotherapist

The support and coordination provided by BVS means a lot to the burns and plastic surgery unit at TUTH. They have supported us with medical equipment and surgical supplies that have helped in effective management of burn patients.

Kalpana Sitaula Nursing Supervisor, TUTH

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