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We have been able to help more than 8500 burns victims.

Burn Violence Survivors – Nepal, established in 2008, is one of the few organizations working specifically on prevention, protection, advocacy, curative and long-term recovery and rehabilitation of burns survivors. BVS-Nepal helps and supports survivors of burns accidents and violence, such as attempted homicide attacks, normally using kerosene or acid and cases of self-immolation and attempted suicide, often stemming from domestic violence. We have been able to help more than 8500 burns victims, till date, through medical and surgical, counseling, nutrition and physiotherapy since the inception of the organization. BVS-Nepal has successfully provided life skills and vocational trainings to thirty female burns violence survivors, to enable them to start a new life.

The complex social norms intertwining with the patriarchal values makes women vulnerable to a range of violence and the violence also takes forms of burn or acid attacks. Women, especially the young women, are at a risk of burn violence and acid attacks when they reject love, marriage or sex proposals. Many women in the rural and some even in cities are found accused with witchcraft, discriminated on dowry related and other marital disputes, land or property disputes, or the inability to reproduce a male child. The main reasons for the burns violence are domestic violence (43.7%), conflict within the family such as inter caste marriage, property disputes, economic issue (30.5%), dowry system (7%), and extra marital affair (6.5%). The data collected from media monitoring at BVS-Nepal since 2010 shows a total of 245 reported cases at the rate of 40 cases per annum in average.



Our Objectives

To improve the delivery of burns care in Nepal. To rehabilitate survivors of burns violence through an integrated/holistic approach, so that survivors are able to live empowered fulfilling lives with dignity. To prevent the occurrence of burns violence in Nepal and to diminish the occurrence of accidental burns.

Our Vision

BVS – Nepal envisions reduced incidence of burns in Nepal, improved quality of services available to burns survivors and comprehensive support system to enable the burns survivors to lead independent and active lives.

Our Mission

The mission of BVS-Nepal is to support and help survivors of burns violence and to help prevent the occurrence of burns violence through a network of partnerships.

Meet Our Founding Members

Parmada Shah


Shrijana Rana

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Bhawani Rana


Som Paneru


Alison Marston

Fund Raiser

Alison MOM


Dr. Sudha Sharma


Join us in creating a brighter future for burn survivors

At BVS Nepal, our aim is not just to help burn survivors recover physically but also to empower them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. We are proud to have helped over 8500 burn survivors through medical treatments, counseling, nutrition, and vocational training. Our survivors have gone on to start their own businesses and have become an inspiration to many.

Board Members

Executive Board

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