Medical & Surgical Support

Provided to patients from vulnerable backgrounds, this program is aimed at minimizing the risk of complications and promoting optimal wound healing for rapid recovery from burn injuries.

Burns are costly and a burdensome critical care problem. Burn injuries leave their victims with debilitating scars and undermine their confidence to lead a dignified and full life. Treatment and full recovery from burn injuries often require an expensive process of repetitive surgery. Although government-run hospitals provide subsidized medicines and provide free food to the burn victims for a limited period, there are no long-term provisions. The government facilities are basic and burn treatment is expensive. Given the poor background of the majority of the patients, it is understandable that they are unable to meet the cost of treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, BVS Nepal set up their programmes with the expertise of professionals to provide an effective and timely support for the complete rehabilitation of burn patients.

Medical and surgical support program includes an extensive and expensive array of medicines to reduce burn pain, manage wounds, control infection and surgical interventions including skin graft and debridement, which are necessary to replace lost tissue and improve scar appearance.

The objectives of the medical and surgical programmes are:

  • To promote optimal wound healing and rapid recovery from burn injuries
  • To minimize the risk of complications, including infections during the treatment period
  • To minimize metabolic disturbances during the treatment process

BVS Nepal supported 195 patients for medical and surgical in 2073-2074. Among them, 75 patients came from the districts affected by the earthquake and were burnt while living in congested temporary shelters. Within them, 61.03% are women and girls and 38.97% are men and boys.  

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