Nutritional Support

BVS-Nepal provides high-protein food basket on a weekly basis to the patients. Significant nutritional support to meet increased energy expenditure is vital for the survival of burn patients, as the severe burn is not only painful and traumatizing but places enormous stress on the body as it tries to heal. Nutritional support is a critical aspect of the treatment of

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Physiotherapy is an integral component of the burns service and is delivered in accordance with the national standards in the management of burn-injured adults. A burn injury has a unique and significant effect on the individual’s skin and body. The specialist knowledge and skills of the multidisciplinary team are essential to successfully treat a patient with burn injuries to reach

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BVS-Nepal provides counselling sessions to assist the patient and family in the Kanti Childrens’ Hospital, National Trauma Centre and Tribhuwan University (T.U.) Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. Psychological distress occurs in most survivors of severe burn injuries. Physical traumas such as burn injury and the painful and intrusive medical procedures required to treat them can be profoundly traumatizing. The emotional response to

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BVS-Nepal is working collaboratively with Forum for Women Law and Development (FWLD) to advocate for changes in the law as it relates to burns violence. Nepal’s new constitution abolishes all forms of discrimination which are gender, caste, ethnicity, religion, color, creed or faith-based and enshrines the right to the physical and mental wellbeing of its citizens. Nonetheless, given Nepal’s complex social

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Medical & Surgical Support

Provided to patients from vulnerable backgrounds, this program is aimed at minimizing the risk of complications and promoting optimal wound healing for rapid recovery from burn injuries. Burns are costly and a burdensome critical care problem. Burn injuries leave their victims with debilitating scars and undermine their confidence to lead a dignified and full life. Treatment and full recovery from

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Burns Rehabilitation incorporates the physical, psychological and social aspects of care and it is common for burn patients to experience difficulties in one or all of these areas following a burn injury. Burns can leave a patient with severely debilitating and deforming contractures, which can lead to significant disability when left untreated. The aim of burn rehabilitation is to minimize

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