Physiotherapy is an integral component of the burns service and is delivered in accordance with the national standards in the management of burn-injured adults. A burn injury has a unique and significant effect on the individual’s skin and body. The specialist knowledge and skills of the multidisciplinary team are essential to successfully treat a patient with burn injuries to reach full recovery. Physiotherapists as a part of the specialist burn multidisciplinary team have many overlapping skills and roles in the care of burn patients. Scarring from burn injuries leads to many adverse consequences, including limitation of normal function and mobility. Therefore, BVS-N encourages early exercise to mobilize the affected area as this is key to an optimal recovery. Continue exercise across acute, intermediate and long-term phases of care is important, with prescribed exercise differing according to patient’s needs and abilities. A physiotherapist plays a major role in setting the goal to encourage the patient’s participation and monitor their progress. The physiotherapy program`s objectives are:

  • Help manage pain,
  • Control infection,
  • Prevent circulation limitations and contractures,
  • Prevent breathing complications depending on the pathology,
  • Restore the patient’s mobility as soon as possible.

BVS-Nepal offers daily physiotherapy consultations to burns patients in the Trauma Centre, Kathmandu. In 2073-2074, more than 65 patients received daily physiotherapy consultations with the support of C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal (UK).

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