Flame Burn

Name: Putali Kumal

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Address: Gulmi , Musikot Municipality

Degree of burn: 2-3% Deep

Reason of burn: Accident, Flame Burn

BVS intervention: Nutrition Baskets, Medical and surgical

Case Details

45 years old Putali Kumal originally comes from Gulmi District. She is a widow. She had been living in Punjab with her husband. After losing her husband to tuberculosis, Putali had become depressed. Her life began getting difficult after her children shunned her. One of the Indian hermits took her to an abode of a hermit (hermitage – Aashram) where she lived for few years. With no other place to go, no source of livelihood, she was forced to seek shelter at her maternal home in Musikot, Gulmi.
She had been living separately in a shed when an unfortunate incident took another cruel turn. On 9 May 2022, at around 10:30 a.m. Putali was preparing food when her blood pressure dropped and she felt dizzy. She fell on the open cooking fireplace and got severely burnt. After an hour, Putali went to a nearby health post where she received some ointment. However, due to financial constraints, she returned back home. For months, she could not seek proper medical and surgical treatment. As a result of which, the wound got deteriorated and contracted gangrene. Her condition is harrowing. Her physical condition has limited her ability to walk. She is bed-ridden. Seeing her situation, her neighbors felt pity for her. They had been feeding to keep her alive.
Her neighbor Juna Rana had shared to Naya Patrika “After the demise of her husband, her kids abandoned her. She has been living in her maternal home since the past three years. Despite regular attempts and pleas made to the Ward Chair, the local Government has failed to protect and cater for Putali’s health needs. She is in despair. Bad smell emanates from stool and urine in the room. The whole village pities her situation”.
BVS-Nepal contacted the Chief Health Section of the Musikot Municipality, Gulmi Mr. D.B G.C. After several days of communication and coordination the local government arranged an ambulance to send Putali to Kathmandu for her treatment. Currently, Putali is undergoing treatment at Kirtipur Hospital. BVS-Nepal has been helping her with medical and surgical treatment. Her condition is critical but stable. Her big toe and index toe of the left foot has been amputated.
Note: The consent of the survivor has been taken before posting.

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