Domestic Violence Contact Burn

Name: Shanti K.C

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Address: Dailekh, Narayan Municipality -1

Degree of burn: II

Reason of burn: Domestic Violence Contact Burn

BVS intervention: Extra Food, Nutrition Baskets, Medical and surgical support

Case Details

28 Years old Shanti originally comes from Dailekh district. She has been living in a rented room at Gangabu, Kathmandu with her husband and children. She had an arranged marriage at the age of 16. She is a housewife and her husband works as a office help at Rastriya Sahakari. They have a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. Both Shanti and her husband are alcoholics. Shanti was subjected to physical violence very often. Her husband used to thrash her for not bringing dowry and being a housewife. She had silently been bearing abuse. Shanti shared” On 26 October 8:00p.m., one of her flatmate was going abroad. The flatmate had asked me to meet her in her room. We drank some beer. After 3 hours, I returned to my room. That day my husband’s office was off and he was in the room. I was preparing dinner for the family. Our children were asleep. I was unaware that my husband was angry because I had gone to meet the flatmate. He locked the door and removed my clothes and forcefully inserted a hot electric (heater) water rod into my private part. I lost consciousness. I don’t know when he went to the nearby medical and brought some medicines with ointment”. After 4 days, she was taken to a nearby medical clinic in Gangabu. Due to lack of a burn care unit, on 30 October 2022, she was referred to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital for further treatment. Shanti has not filed any police report as she and her children are financially dependent on her husband. She resorted to stay back for the sake of her children. Currently, her health condition is stable and her husband is taking care of her at the hospital.

Note: The consent of the patient has been taken before posting.

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