Nutrition programme

In Hospitals

Nutrition Program

Survivors need to be fed very high protein diets to give their bodies the strength to fight such extreme injuries. ‘A burn that is 20% or more of the total body surface area (TBSA) will increase the body's energy (calories) demands by one and a half to 2 times of the normal amount.’*(Jim Buffy, Article source:

The BVS-Nepal team visit Trauma Center and Teaching Hospital Burns Unit twice a month. Weekly visits are made to the Kanti Children Burns Ward. Each patient receives a food basket as recommended by the medical staff. A nutrition package consists of 2 boxes of Mitho Sagun (Protein compliment), Glucose D, Glucose biscuits, Cream biscuits, Eggs, Juice and seasonal fruits which cost approximately Rs500 (roughly £3.50) per basket.

This nutritional support assists in maintaining body mass, fighting infections, preventing nutrient deficiency and improving wound healing.

In 2016, in addition to regular hospital meals, C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal (UK) enabled BVS   to deliver more than 800 individual baskets to patients hospitalized at BIR Hospital, Teaching Hospital and Kanti Children's Hospital.

For Burns Violence Survivors

Nutrition Program

Once a survivor has left hospital and to assist in the continuance of their recovery, BVS-Nepal assess their nutritional requirements and regularly provide them with a high-protein, high calorie diet.

Since 2014, BVS Nepal, with the support of DFID, has been providing nutritional packages to 53 survivors and their families.