Volunteers Story

Sajana ShresthaSajana Shrestha, 24 years Nepali citizen, is volunteering in BVS-Nepal as a photographer. She has been in photography career for 3 years now. She is doing Masters in Gender Studies thus; she wants to work in the social sector along with photography. She has been interested to do something for the social issues thus, she involved in the burns violence. She has done internship in The Rising Nepal, National Daily and My Republica, Daily newspapers.

“I always wanted to do something for the people so, I started volunteering. It gives you so much of satisfaction when you do something for the people. Thanks to Rumi, I get involved in BVS- Nepal. She showed the photos of burnt survivors and their works during our class. And I told her that I would love to work with BVS-Nepal and you can contact me if I can do anything for you. She arranged everything and here I am volunteering for BVS-Nepal.”

“At first, I couldn’t think, how to photograph. I had never photographed survivors like them before so it was new to me. I observed all the survivor’s and started talking with them, which helped me a lot to photograph them.”

“I tried to be friendlier with them, so that they won’t feel introverted. To make them feel good, I took their family portraits as well. In a very short time, they became friend to me. Though, they are in pain, they are happy. They have the enthusiasm to overcome their pain. I am happy as well because I can give happiness to survivors, which they need a lot to recover fast.”

BVS-Nepal is extremely grateful to Sajana for sharing so much of her time, experience with us.