Real stories - Anjana (name changed)

Anjana is from the Kathmandu valley. She belongs to well family. As she passed her higher level education, she involved in a relationship and get married going against of her family. In the beginning, everything was running smoothly, though she eloped, his family accepted her and living happily ever after. Slowly situation started changing; she heard rumors about her husband relationship with her friend .She didn’t believe on such rumors. On a day while she was for a regular shopping she saw her husband and her friend in a coffee shop. Still she was having trust towards him. At the very same night she asked where was he, he lied to her so confidently he was in his regular job. There she immediately find her husband guilty and started fighting.

As, a result she put kerosene on her body and threatened him for suicide if he is betraying her. He instead of feeling sorry raised a voice and said doing the act and threaten is different matter. If you have guts why don't you burn yourself? She become so disgraced and took the step in anger and burn herself.

Luckily she was saved but burnt many parts of her body and was hospitalized for many months. Not even once her husband visited to the hospital. There she was supported by her maternal family and taken her back to maternal home. She stayed for long months but during her stay, she was verbally abuse by her fathers and brothers about her wedding and her husband. She couldn’t tolerate the blames every time so she didn’t stay at her maternal home and referred to Saathi women shelter.

At the moment she is staying at Saathi Shelter. She finished her interior designing training and she is receiving surgical/medical and nutrition support from BVS-Nepal.