Real stories - Reshma (name changed

Name of the patient: Reshma
Age: 21 years                        
Sex: Female.
Address: Saptari
Degree of burn: 15%
Reason of burn: Homicide attempt

Case Details:
On the 14th May 2014,Reshma claimed that as she was about to go to sleep, the burning lantern suspended above her bed accidentally fell causing severe burns to her body. She was taken to hospital in Rajbiraj before her case was transferred to Dharan and then to Kathmandu.  Reshma was referred to Megha hospital where she remained for 2 months. Her recovery was relatively quick given BVS-Nepal’s support for her medical treatment which included surgery, medicine, physiotherapy, and counselling.  

During the counselling sessions it was found out that her case was actually a homicide attempt. She lived in Saathi Women Shelter where she also completed a sewing course.

Today she s living at her maternal home.