Real stories - Preeti (name changed)

Preeti is a 24 year old working in the adult entertainment sector. She was having an affair with a regular customer in the dance bar she was working in. She did not know much about the person she was dating. He used to come and live in her apartment for few days and disappear without a trace. She used to ask him questions but he was indifferent to her queries.

After a while, she started feeling being used and abused but she was in love with him. She told some of her friends how violent and abusive her partner was and they had advised her to stay away from him. She also found out that her partner was already married and this made her question the relationship. Preeti tried to ignore him but he became more violent. Preeti was going through hell but she had no one to turn to.

She was depressed and one afternoon when her partner came to the apartment drunk and demanded sex, they fought. Not knowing what to do she poured kerosene over herself and threatened suicide. Her partner provoked her further and called her a  drama queen and said she would never do it. During the argument, her partner flicked the lighter and she caught fire. Preeti’s partner did nothing to help her and ran away. One of her neighbours took her to the emergency department at BIR Hospital.

Luckily the nurse in charge of the burns ward in Bir Hospital called BVSN. We went to investigate the situation and called the media to cover the news. Three television channels and some print media covered her story. BVSN along with her family lodged a FIR in Kalimati police station. The perpetrator was caught and jailed for three days but received bail.  After he was released he regularly visited Preeti resulting in her changing her statement.BVSN provided financial support for her hospital care.