Real stories - Sabina (name changed)

Name: Sabina
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Place of origin (village, VDC, District): Bara District
Living situation (alone, with partner, joint family): With Joint Family
Occupation (before event): Home Maker
Socio-economic background: Poor
Ethnic Group: Muslim from Madhesi community

Accident Details

Place of incident: Home (Kitchen)
Type of incident: Homicide
Reason/cause of incident: Dowry
Sabina’s story:
Sabina was married in India. Her brother- in-law poured kerosene over her and burned her when her husband and in laws were not in the house. The neighbours informed Sabina’s father who came to India to get her and brought her back to Nepal. She had sustained burns to her neck,  shoulder and chest. She spent two months in Bara District Hospital, but her health didn’t improve. Her father then brought her to Kathmandu.  Her father was selling stickers by the roadside to collect money for her treatment and Sabina herself was also begging to raise money for the treatment.

Fortunately a Korean volunteer came to know about her health condition and brought Sabina to the Korean Hospital where Dr Niranjan, a surgeon, treated her. Sabina is from a very poor family and could not afford the treatment.

Dr. Niranjan informed BVS-Nepal about Sabina and BVS-Nepal supported her in paying her medical and surgical expenses which has enabled her to lead a normal life. The surgery improved her physically ensuring she could move her head and shoulder with greater ease.

Follow-up of Sabina: 
BVS-Nepal offered Sabina the opportunity to stay at Saathi’s Shelter and receive vocational training, but once she left hospital, Sabina chose to go back to her father’s home in Bara.