Real stories - Shradda (name changed)

Picture by Kishor SharmaName of the patient: Shradda
Age: 30 years                        
Sex: Female.
Address: Morang
Degree of burn: 30%
Reason of burn: Homicide attempt

Case Details:

A mother of two, Shradda, confessed to having tried to burn herself as she was frustrated by the bludgeoning she experienced at the hand of her drunken husband.  She was rushed to BIR Hospital.  Her husband used to visit her but when her daughter revealed to her aunt that she had seen Shradda being burnt by her husband, he escaped.

After several counselling sessions provided by BVS-Nepal, Shradda confessed that her husband was the main perpetrator. She had been staying at Saathi Women Shelter where she has completed a sewing course. Today, Shradda is employed and BVS Nepal helped her gain a scholarship to educate her children.