Real stories - Shristi (name changed)

Name of the patient: Shristi
Age: 35 years                        
Sex: Female.
Address: Dangadhadi
Family Status: Married with 4 children
Degree of burn: 35%
Reason of burn: Homicide attempt

Case Details:

Shristi had been married for twenty unhappy years during which time she has been subjected to relentless domestic violence. Shristi and her mother-in-law never got on and as a consequence Shristi and her husband were living with his brother. Her mother in law manipulated her son so that often he would return home in a drunken rage and attack Shristi.  Her own parents became aware of the situation and filed a case against the husband which led to his imprisonment, but somehow he managed to get out.

In a vengeful act in March 2016, her drunken husband poured kerosene on her private parts as she slept and set her alight, inflicting third degree burns on 35% of her body.  Her sister in law came to her aid and helped to douse the fire. Initially she was being treated at home with herbal medicines but as her wounds became infected she was taken to Seti Zonal Hospital. Again her husband tried to kill her but with the intervention of medical staff, he was arrested and once again sent to jail. Shristi was referred to Teaching Hospital where she is still receiving reconstructive surgeries.

Shristi’s case is ongoing. When she is not hospitalised for surgery she is sponsored by BVS to live at the Saathi Women’s Shelter. BVS Nepal is assisting Janaki with medical, surgical, nutrition and advocacy support.