Real stories - Elina (name changed)

When 5 year old, Elina, was playing in the forest with her friends, she fell into a  pile of burning rubbish and her dress caught fire. Her friends ran towards the village, calling for help. An elderly woman rescued Elina and brought her to her family. She was rushed  to the Kapilavastu District Hospital. Her case was critical as she had suffered 15% burns and without surgery she would have a permanent physical disability.

Whilst they were conducting a survey on the occurrences of burns in Kapilavastu, a team of BVS-Nepal met with Elina's mother and enquired about the little girl's condition. Elina was in urgent need of surgery, nutrition and medication.

The team consulted with Elina's family, the doctor in charge and the BVS-Nepal medical adviser in Kathmandu in order to determine the best way of bringing Elina to Kathmandu for surgery. Arrangement were made so that Deepa's father could come to Kathmandu and stay by her side throughout the whole treatment.

BVS-Nepal's partner, the Saathi District team  organised the travel for Elina and her father. Ten days after they had first met at Kapilavastu District Hospital on 14th March 2011, Elina was admitted at the Nepal Medical College in Kathmandu and on the 28th March, Elina underwent a successful operation of her lower limbs. As she was so young, she recovered extremely well.

On the 7th April, Elina and her father happily returned to Tauliwaha, their village in Kapilavastu, BVS-Nepal provided them with nutritional support and asked them to keep in touch. The latest news about Deepa is very encouraging,

We would like to express our gratitude to "C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal" that generously paid for the entire treatment, travel and food expenses for Elina and her father.