Real stories - Parvati (name changed)

Name of the patient: Parvati
Age: 22 years                        
Sex: Female.
Address: Nepalgunj, Banke District
Degree of burn: 30%
Reason of burn: Homicide attempt
Family Situation: Married with 3 children- 1 daughter (5 years old), 1 boy (3years) and 1 boy (10 months)

Case Details:

In Nepalgunj, Parvati’s husband, owed money to his brother as he had purchased a hair salon from him.  Triggered by the fact that his brother was unable to make a regular Nrs 5000 regular payment, and when under the influence of drugs, Ramesh (name changed)sought his revenge. He set Parvati’s room alight while her 3 children(10 months,3 years and 5years old) were inside. Parvati rushed in to rescue them but suffered burns to 30% of her body.

Parvati and her children initially received medical treatment at Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepalgunj and were soon after referred to Kathmandu”s Teaching Hospital and Kanti Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately the 3 years old boy and the 5 years old daughter died as they had inhaled excessive amounts of toxic petrol fumes which aggravated their already serious condition.

BVS-Nepal supported Parvati and her children by covering the cost of medicine, surgeries, transportation and nutrition.