Street Drama

Nutrition ProgramBurn related injuries in Nepal are dramatically increasing, young children and women are most at risk and the root causes are the lack of awareness, the hazardous living conditions and poor education.

While considering the primary mission of BVS-Nepal, this particular project intends to address Burns Issues at large.

Recent researches concluded that today the number burns patients under treatment or in need of treatment is superior to those patients suffering from HIVAIDS, Malaria and TB. Other analyses proved that 60% of these injuries could have been avoided*. 61 % of burns victims are children under 15yrs old.

The Nepal Health Annual Report shows that 55'902 persons have suffered burns or scald injuries. Whereas we know that in 2002, burns injuries caused the deaths of 1700 persons.

Nutrition ProgramSimilarly, the major cause of death among Nepali women aged between 15yrs and 46yrs is suicide. In despair, many women and young girls put themselves alight. Human rights defenders claim that many cases result from domestic violence perpetrated by family members.

Children and women are the most at risk due to hazardous living conditions and lack of awareness.

Prevention using a public platform is thus the first mean at hand to raise awareness on burn injuries among a large public, focussing on children and women.

Street drama and interactive programs have shown great results in spreading messages related to safe and healthy attitudes or human rights issues among various communities in Nepal.