Briquette & Solar Cooker Training

Nutrition Program

In partnership with FOST (Foundation for Sustainable Technology), BVS-N provided traineeship to 6 survivors to learn how to make Fuel Briquette making from waste materials and solar cooker.

After the training, the survivors reproduce what they learn at home by recycling their wastes and they have the possibility to sell the briquettes to the FOST Foundation or in their neighborhood.

Briquettes and solar cooker are sustainable technologies, environmental and economical solutions for improving the livelihood in the houselhold. The World Bank and UNDP data shows that one person per day need 1,2 kg of fire wood. Also, instead of paying 1520rs for a LPG Gas Cylinder, compact briquettes cost 30 rs per kg.

Nutrition Program

During the one day training, the survivors learned how to make their own solar cooker. Now, they can cook without using fire wood, kerosene, gas or electricity. They save fuel and reduce indoor air polution.

From that day, they becomemore empowered women and produce their own energy and save a lot of money in their daily life.

The program was funded by DFID and John Altman

Nutrition Program