16 Days Campaign: Stop Violence against Women

Nepal - 25th November until the 10th December

During the 16th days Campaign, BVS-Nepal developped different programmes around Kathmandu and in the different districts of Nepal to increase local public awareness about burns issue.


BVS Launch64 Pole Banners have been install, at the main jonctions of Kathmandu, where the public could read the messages from 8 Personalities who are supporting BVS-Nepal.

Mr.Paras Khadka, Mr. Bhusan Dahal, Mrs. Pramada Shah, Mrs.Sugarika K.C, Mr. Siddhant Pandey, Mr. Karma Shakya, Mrs. Reecha Sharma and Mr. Vinay Shrestha join hands to work for eliminating burns violence in Nepal.

BVS Launch







Posters and stickers

BVS LaunchBVS Team and some volunteers set up more than 300 prevention posters in Kathmandu and also in buses driving around the country.





Radio Jingle

To fulfill their objectives, BVS Nepal decides to develop their prevention programme among the nation through the most effective media in this country: the radio. The vast majority of the Nepali population has access to radio, even if they’re in the most remote area of the country, making it the most effective tool to supplying news and information to a diverse audience. We want that everyone adopt natural reflex to protect themselves from fire danger.

We develop two types of messages: the first one is to prevent the population from burn incidences and the second one is related to stop violence against women. 

- Prevention first aid

- Stop Violence Against Women