16 Days Activism: Unite to end Burns and Acid Violence Against Women and Girls

Nepal - 25th November until the 10th December 2014

On the occasion of the 16 days campaign: Stop Violence Against Women, Burns Violence Survivors Nepal (BVS Nepal) organized several programs in Nepal.

Awareness Raising program in Nepalgunj

BVS LaunchBVSN coordinated with an agency (Bibeksheel Nepali - Social Service Club) formed by a group of 15 students in various disciplines (medicine, law, engineering, etc.) to organise the "Theatre of the Oppressed". This is a participatory form of theatre that fosters democratic and cooperative forms of interaction among participants.

The street dramas were conducted in Banke District from the 26th November until the 30th November 2014. The performance was showing 2 different situation of burn violence followed by an awareness program via speech, b-boying and interaction with the public.

Around 750 people enjoyed this awareness program. 

BVS LaunchBVS Launch







As well, BVS Nepal and Bibeksheel got interviewed at the district Radio, Bageshwori FM. Click here to listen to the interview

Press conference at the National Women Commission

On the 2nd December 2014 at 1pm, BVS Nepal hold a Press conference at the National Women Commission about the Burns Violence Issue. Three intervenants gave a presentation:

- BVS Nepal: General Overview about Burn Violence in Nepal - Ms. Kripa Rana Shahi

In recent years, Nepal has witnessed an increment in the number of girls and women becoming victims of burn violence and acid attacks. Dowry claims, so-called ‘suicide attempts’ through kerosene dowsing, and even acid throwing have been reportedly on the rise. Since January 2014, more than 40 women and children were reported being victims of burns violence in Nepal. A couple of violence related burn cases have made headlines highlighting the plight of Nepali women. Until this date, most of the cases are still under reported.

- Medical PerspectiveDr Peeyush Dahal, Plastic surgeon at the Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit, Bir Hospital

- Challenges on the management of the burns victims in Nepal

- Difficulties in getting the right information from the patients. ( Intentional/ Accidental)

- Complication to use modern medical technologies for the burn management due to the lack of financial aid.

- Legal Perspective –– Sandhya Sitoula, Lawyer, CeLRRd

- There are no proper compensatory laws in Nepal.
- Laws don’t seem to be pro victim and are not sensitive enough in regards to victim protection.

BVS LaunchBVS Launch







Radio Jingle

To fulfill their objectives, BVS Nepal decides to develop their prevention programme among Banke District through the most effective media in this country: the radio. The jingles have been broadcast everyday on Bageshwori FM from the 25th November until the 10th December.

We develop two types of messages: the first one is to prevent the population from burn incidences and the second one is related to stop violence against women. 

- Prevention first aid

- Stop Violence Against Women