16 Days Activism: Unite to end Burns and Acid Violence Against Women and Girls

Nepal - 25th November until the 10th December

BVS LaunchOn the occasion of the 16 days campaign: Stop Violence Against Women, Burns Violence Survivors Nepal (BVS Nepal) organized a musical afternoon with a lottery withdraw in the beautiful garden of 1905 Restaurant in Kantipath, Kathmandu on the 7th December 2013.

Around 300 people came to enjoyed this awareness program. 


Thanks to all the artists who supported our program and came to play during this afternoon: Treble Cleff, Shree Tara Band, Shreya Sotang, Sugam Pokharel, Rajina Rimal, Nima Rumba, Kamal Khatri, Dharmendra Sewan & band, Joint Family International and Adrian Pradhan & friends.

Thanks to all our sponsors who help us to raise funds through the lottery: Kamworks, Nebico, Reeyaz Music, Kantipur Publication, Vivacity Magazine, Mulchowk Restaurant, Tamarind, Trisara, Lakpa Chulo, Bandipur Mountain Resort, Tranquility Spa and Little Angels School.

BVS LaunchBVS Launch




BVS Launch

BVS Launch

BVS Launch

















Radio Jingle

To fulfill their objectives, BVS Nepal decides to develop their prevention programme among the nation through the most effective media in this country: the radio. The jingles are broadcast everyday on Radio Nepal since the 26 November for a period of 6 months.

We develop two types of messages: the first one is to prevent the population from burn incidences and the second one is related to stop violence against women. 

- Prevention first aid

- Stop Violence Against Women